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The fastest electric scooter

Dualtron THUNDER
Max speed 85 km/h
Max range 100 km
Charging time [2A] 18h
Charging time [4A] 9h
Fast charge 5h30
Battery 60V 35Ah – LG
Weight 43 Kg
Max weight 120 Kg
Suspensions PFlex© system – adjustable
Breaking Disc - Hydraulic Assisstance
Engine 5600 W Dual Engine
Wheels size 11″ Tubless
Warranty 2 ans

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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After the Dualtron Ultra, here is the Thunder



Entirely produced by Minimotors who has revised its production model to centralize everything (the dashboard and the controllers of Dualtron III and Thunder are produced internally unlike older generations), the Dualtron Thunder is formidable. Powerful, beautiful, equipped with a new PFlex suspension system and a powerful hydraulic braking system, it is the dream of any power-user of electric scooter and all thrill-seekers.

Dualtron Thunder, always a brute force

The Dualtron Thunder has capabilities in phase with those of the previous generation, the Dualtron ULTRA. It must be said that the Dualtron ULTRA is already overpowered with its two engines culminating at 5400W of power and its 60V battery. The acceleration is crazy and the top speed is 85 km / h, enough to give chills!

What about the range?

The Dualtron Thunder is equipped with a 60V35Ah LG battery, enough to travel up to 100 km in "single engine" mode. Indeed, as it is already the case on all the previous generation of Dualtron, it is possible to choose between rolling with the only rear engine or both engines. In dual engine, the consumption is higher and the autonomy of the machine then turns around 50 km.

Charging time

The Dualtron Thunder has two charging ports, the electric scooter comes with a single charger in 2A. A full charge with the supplied charger lasts more than 18 hours. It is however possible to:

  • Reduce the charging time to 9h by connecting a second charger of 2A (we strongly recommend this charging mode)
  • Reduce the charging time to around 6 hours by using the quick charger [ULTRA CHARGER]

So what's new

In the rank of improvements:

  • Front / rear hydraulic braking with magnetic assistance
  • Much better suspensions with the PFlex system
  • Foldable handlebars as standard
  • Tubless city tires ultra adherent and less exposed to punctures

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 130 × 35 × 60 cm

3 reviews for DUALTRON THUNDER

  1. Luc Sky

    Moins cher chez URBAN360 en ce moment :

  2. Andrew Budzinski


    Can you please tell me if you have the Dualtron Thunder in stock. If so what is the shipping cost to Greece.


    • Admin

      Hi. In stock. 199 EUR

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