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DUALTRON X [Pre-order]

5 790,00 TTC

Available on backorder

Weight60 kg
Max user weight150 kg
Wheel diameter13″ Tubless
Engine power6700 W
Maximum speed100 km/h
Battery60 V 60 Ah
Charging time30 h
Fast charge12 h
Theoretical range150 km
BreakingMagnetic Fr/Re
Hydraulic Fr/Re
SuspensionsFr/Re Hydraulic
Warranty2 years (1 year battery)

Available on backorder

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Made in DT France: A small factory spoiler 🙂

For information: The saddle is optional 🙂

A completely monstrous electric scooter

You thought you did hit the top with the Dualtron ULTRA and THUNDER? Well no, Minimotors revives the competition with the Dualtron X, absolutely monstrous with a top speed of 100 km / h and a giant autonomy of more than 150 km.

The last but not the least

The last, but not least, of the Dualtron series

Latest high-end electric scooter from Minimotors [Released summer 2019]. The Dualtron X is the promise of pushing the already impressive limits of its elders: up to 100km / h peak, real speed.

Attack Tank

A real tank of brute power: the Dualtron X will be stable on its 13 '' extra wide -33cm diameter tubeless tires, against 11 '' so far for Thunder and Ultra. An excellent grip therefore, justified by its insane performance: up to 6700W peak, or 3360 Watts per engine. As a reminder, the Dualtron Ultra and its 2700 Watts per engine was already tearing the bitumen! This added to a 60V LG battery for 52Ah, or 3078Wh. It's hard to imagine a couple like this for a scooter!

Unique specificities

The steering of this little rocket could be delicate while standing, so we have equipped this new model with a robust and well designed saddle [Option]. An idea all the more judicious that the plateau will be significantly higher than the Ultra or the Thunder for example, because of the diameter of its wheels. This oversized tray is also an important stability element of the machine, which coupled with its weight, helps keep you on the ground. This point is not negligible given the speed of the beast, and its force of acceleration.

Weigh a dead dow, but hey ... it would be crazy to ride at 100km / h on a featherweight

The other side of the coin is that any ease of transport should be forgotten: with its 60 kg, it is not the strong point of the Dualtron X, although the stem is foldable and can be fixed.

Circulation cooling system to ventilate the electronics, especially the controllers and unlocking of the machine by fingerprint reader complete the table of this masterpiece extremely well equipped.

Hydraulic braking and adjustable suspensions

The youngest in the Dualtron lineup retains the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with magnetic assistance from the older ones. Also, the Dualtron X is equipped with retractable handles acclaimed by the afficionados of electric scooters as well as real hydraulic suspensions adjustable to the suitability of the rider.

The DT X allows very fine adjustments in terms of suspensions, you can adjust according to your template, and this on 19 levels. No wrist compote because of vibrations on the Dualtron X


Added to this are more powerful lighting in the middle of the stem, which many users were asking for, front and rear position lights on the tray, backlit logos, and a led ramp under the tray, as nice to the eye as reassuring vis-à-vis the various users of the public highway.

And still, a more than pleasant autonomy

On the road, on country roads, the Dualtron X promises great rides with its impressive range: up to 150 km of range in eco mode (single engine, 25km / h). To have fun as soon as the blue sky is the tip of his nose. The advantages of a scooter, without the disadvantages.

In short, a machine of war straight out of the sandy tracks of Mad Max Fury Road


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