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Powerful, compact and lightweight

Weight19.8 kg
Theoretical range65 km
SuspensionsAdjustable 15 positions
Max weight 120 kg
Tyres10 "inflatable
Battery60 V 17.5 Ah
Charging time8 h
Grade25 degrees
Fingerprint startOptional
BreakingDisc with ABS
EngineTwo 1800W motors
Max speed60 km/h
Warranty2 years (1 year battery)

En stock (can be backordered)

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DUALTRON products line from Minimotors

First of all, who is Minimotors? Minimotors is a South Korean electric scooter manufacturer that has built its reputation on the raw power of its vehicles. We market two lines of products, the first, called Speedway, includes entry-level models; The second one, Dualtron, brings together all the high-end dual-engine models.

Why market the Dualtron Spider?

dualtron Spider

A Dualtron is traditionally powerful but also voluminous and heavy, which poses a problem for people living on the floor without elevator or for people traveling by train with their scooters. The Dualtron SPIDER is the response of Minimotors to this issue, less than 20 kg, more compact than a Dualtron 2/3, the latter is transported much more easily than its "sisters".

And so, what is lost in performance?

The Dualtron Spider has nothing to envy to a Dualtron 3 in terms of torque and speed. The two engines of the Spider culminate at a combined maximum power of 3600 W propelling the machine to 60 km / h. It is at the level of autonomy of the machine that the gap is widening, a Spider, it is a battery of 60 V 17.5 Ah and not the 30 Ah of a DT3. A version with 24.5 Ah is planned for early summer 2019.

We estimate the autonomy of the electric scooter to 65 km in ECO mode, with a user of 70 kg, at 20 degrees, on flat at 20 km / h. Of course, if you drive properly in the European cold, you do less 🙂 However, autonomy is largely sufficient for most uses.

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions117 × 28 × 53 cm


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