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Sportive yet city dwelling electric scooter

Dualtron 3
 BatteryLI-ION 60V30Ah
Weight30 kg
Charging time [2A]15 h
Charging time [4A]7.5 h
Fast charge5 h
 Max speed65 km/h
 Range in ECO mode 100-110 km
Max weight120 kg
 Dimensions unfolded1125 x 600 x 1200mm
 Dimensions folded1125 x 600 x 505mm
 Breakinghydraulic + magnetic Fr/Re
Wheels Inflatable 10 inches
 Warranty2 years (1 year battery)

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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From the Dualtron series

MiniMotors is without a doubt the most popular electric scooter builder on the planet, famous for its fast, well-suspended and reliable Dualtron. The Dualtrons are, as their name suggests, MiniMotors' twin-engine scooters, the most sporty scooters in the catalog and without a doubt the most powerful scooters on the market.

Dualtron 3, Release 2018 of the Dualtron series



The Dualtron have steadily improved over time and it seems to us that the Dualtron II was the first reliable version of the series; Indeed, the Dualtron II have a failure rate of less than 5%, a rate of failure in sharp decline compared to the first series of Dualtron. The Dualtron III will capitalize on the reliability of the Dualtron II and will bring a lot of improvement suggested by the rider community, namely :

  • Much better braking, magnetic + hydraulically assisted disc (Xtech)
  • A foldable handlebar for easy storage of the machine
  • Suspensions much more effective to face the old European paved cities.
  • Thick tubless tire for less punctures, more grip and more cushioning.
  • Brightness at fault rising with the brand logo backlit.

Why a Dualtron 3?

The Dualtron 3 is an ultra powerful electric scooter, accelerations are crazy, it has a high autonomy (up to 110 km on single engine & ECO mode); it is a mature and reliable product manufactured by a reputable and well established manufacturer.

What you are guaranteed :

  • Excellent manufacturing quality
  • Mature product
  • A network of spare parts supplied and stable
  • "Very" strong driving sensations
  • A licked design
  • Security with an excellent braking system
  • Comfort

Additional information

Weight36 kg
Dimensions120 × 35 × 50 cm


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1 year 2 months ago

Bonjour, avez-vous une date précise de disponibilité ? On lit fin juin et nous y sommes. Pouvez vous nous donner une date vraiment précise ?

1 year 1 month ago


la Dualtron est disponible en stock à partir du 01/08/18. Nous sommes quasiment en rupture de stock aussi il est intéressant de précommander.

8 months 22 days ago

Est-il possible de l’utiliser par temps de pluie?
(Étanchéités moteur, commandes, batterie,…)

6 months 22 hours ago

Pas de problème. Eviter les très fortes pluies tout de même 🙂